AUBREY HB / Nationwide
 Aubrey HB is the Director of Advanced Analytics for Nationwide Building Society.  Since graduating with a PhD in Pure Mathematics, she has focused her career on designing and delivering data solutions throughout a number of different industries.  Prior to joining Nationwide, Aubrey has worked with many types of data within a wide variety of contexts and technologies to deliver production systems that have advanced analytics techniques at their core.  She has developed Data Science solutions for AT&T, Scholastic, SiriusXM, and FAIRHealth, so her relevant experience spans the Telecomunications, Publishing, Entertainment, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries.
Unfortunately, the hardest thing is getting a suitable picture.  I’ve been using the one from LinkedIN, but don’t have the original and the resolution isn’t great.  I’ll keep trying to find a picture, but truthfully I’m camera shy so it’ll be quite challenging.